The Land of Whoo Series

The Land of Coral Seas

In this new adventure, Michael Henry's destiny will be determined by his best friend, Savannah James, and Tribal Princess Lizzie as they all battle for their lives. The quest to rescue Princess Ariana and free the Land of Coral Seas has begun 

A whirling kaleidoscope of lights sets off a marker at the Earth Portal. An adopted Michael Henry had locked down the portal as a precaution when he returned from his adventures in the Land of Whoo, but now an urgent message from King Vincent will require Michael Henry, the Chosen One, to assemble his team from two worlds and venture to the Land of Coral Seas. Will he be able to rescue Princess Ariana before the incoming tide floods the Moon Room, her underground prison? What death traps have been planted by the Wizard of Pisode to prevent Michael Henry and his team from successfully navigating through the labyrinth of ten caverns leading to the princess? Will Savannah and Princess Lizzie survive their own rites of passage as time runs out and the roaring water rises in the Moon

The Land of Coral Seas Characters

King Vincent - Ruler of the Land of Coral Seas.

Princess Ariana - King Vincent's daughter who is being held for ransom by the tyrannical Wizard of Pisode and the ruthless Pirate Captain Bradley Sturges.

Princess Lizzie - daughter of Chief Star Fisher, leader of the Blond River Tribe. She must find her own destiny as she proves herself worthy.

Wizard of Pisode - a maniac of a wizard who tortures and experiments on his people for his own evil purposes, enslaving the people and creatures of the Land of Coral Seas.

Pirate Captain Bradley Sturges - King Vincent's former commander turned rogue pirate captain of the Nazdaar.

Jack Sloan - captured by Captain Sturges, Jack is forced to serve as his cabin boy until he escapes and joins Michael Henry's team.








The Land of Coral Seas

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