The Land of Whoo Series


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"I loved The Land of Whoo! The author makes you feel as though you're actually in the story. It's a wonderful adventure that kept me wanting to read more."   
Jillian - 11

"It has a lot of adventure and I really liked the funny parts."
Ethan - 9

"I enjoyed reading this book because the way Michael Henry had to go places and do tasks was like some video games, and I'm a gamer."  Justin - 11

"I liked the fantasy world setting and I liked that I kept wanting to know what would happen next."
Andy - 10

The Land of Whoo


An adopted Michael Henry yearned for some excitement in his life. Away from his friends, in a new neighborhood and school, he discovers the adventures of a lifetime as he learns of a portal with access to the Land of Whoo.

Michael Henry and his new best friend, Savannah James, discover a secret portal to another land. It will take all of their courage to survive the challenges ahead, but the challenges back at home are easily as great. 

On the other side of the portal, the secrets of Michael Henry’s past and future will be revealed to  him, but first he must prove himself worthy as he faces the challenges of the Five Trials to take his rightful place as the Chosen One. The friends will need the skills and inner strength they've acquired in one land to save those they love in the other.

The Land of Whoo Characters


Michael Henry - an adopted boy who yearns for excitement in his life.
Savannah James - meets Michael Henry while he is attending his new school in Marysville, Washington. 
Samantha (Sam to her friends) - Michael Henry's adoptive mother who works as a nurse in a dialysis center.
Dan - Michael Henry's adoptive dad, formerly a construction business owner, hit hard by tough economic times.

Cornelius - Michael Henry's dragon from the Land of Whoo who celebrates success with his dragon dances.

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